ERTICO, European Commission and Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications presented at the second annual conference on Data-driven Urban Mobility in Europe, January 27, 2022. The speakers included:

  • Frank Daems, Senior Manager, ERTICO, TN-ITS, Belgium
  • Szymon Lewandowski, Legal/Policy Officer, Data Policy and Innovation Unit – CNECT G1, European Commission, Luxembourg
  • Maria Rautavirta, Director of Data Business Unit, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland
  • Moderator: Peter Lubrich, Research Associate at “Connected Mobility”, Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany 

The opening session on ‘Creating a Common European Mobility Data Space’ featured the following discussions:

  • Insights on EU strategy on open data sharing by authorities and related systems’ topologies, harnessing cities’ intentions for sharing data, insights on the status of data sharing within the EU cities from moonshot initiative by ERTICO
  • Horizontal elements of the EU data policy by European Commission
  • Policies to deliver future mobility and data spaces by Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland