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Railway projects across the world have created significant opportunities in the tunnelling segment. The Upcoming Rail Tunnelling Opportunities Report released in September 2018 is a comprehensive study of 200 underground railway projects which are planned to be developed by 2030. These include metrorail, subway, rapid Transit, light rail, air rail link (ARL), commuter/ suburban rail, inter-city and passenger rail, as well as high speed rail (HSR).

The report provides an analysis of the railway tunnelling market; project pipeline by mode of transport, project stage and expected completion; market size and opportunities by region; recent developments including planned investments, contracts awarded and procurement opportunities; tunnelling methods; equipment and technology market size and profile of key suppliers.

The report has two parts. Part 1 (PDF document, 121 slides) comprises nine chapters. Part 2 (MS Excel database) provides detailed profiles of over 200 underground rail projects.

Chapter 1 provides information on railway tunnelling industry overview, outlook and projections till 2030. It indicates market size, growth drivers, projects in pipeline, key issues, etc.

Chapter 2 covers developments in the last 12 months. These include project completion, contracts awarded, recent investments, project announcements and tenders.

Chapter 3 provides an analysis of project pipeline and opportunities by region. It covers North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Chapter 4 provides an analysis of projects and opportunities by mode of transport. It covers metrorail/ subway/ rapid transit/ light metro, light rail, commuter rail/ suburban rail, inter-city rail/ passenger rail and high speed rail (HSR).

Chapter 5 provides an analysis of projects by stage of development. It covers projects under planning, under procurement and recently awarded/ under construction.

Chapter 6 provides an analysis of projects by expected completion period – by 2025 and beyond 2025.

Chapter 7 covers trends in deployment of tunnelling methods and techniques, technology adoption, analysis of ongoing and planned projects, and issues.

Chapter 8 covers equipment and technology market size, competitive landscape, profiles of key equipment providers, technology innovation and outlook.

Chapter 9 provides profiles of key tunnelling contractors, status of ongoing projects, opportunities for contractors as well as key issues and challenges.

The report will be useful for project developers, design and construction companies, equipment and material suppliers, technology providers, consultants and investors.

The report was released on September 1, 2018. It is priced at USD 2,000.

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