Adding to previous analyses on the infrastructure for cross-border public transport, this study concentrates on the analysis of cross-border public transport services (CBPT). It presents an inventory of CBPT routes and services as of 2019/2020, which can be accessed in a web viewer and analyses the availability of these services in EU border regions. The analysis shows that availability of services and their modes differ heavily across the EU, with some border areas lacking any CBPT despite potential demand.

The study analyses the obstacles and solutions related to the provision of CBPT and illustrates these more in-depth in 31 case studies provided in separate files. Most obstacles are due to administrative issues but there are also obstacles related to the legal framework or other issues. Case studies also highlight the benefits of CBPT for residents in border areas. A toolbox provided in a separate file provides insights, illustrations and guidance for stakeholders wishing to establish CBPT by showing ways forward to overcome obstacles. It is bringing together findings from the inventory of obstacles and case studies and includes examples and cross-references. The report closes with some policy pointers for stakeholders and administrations at different levels of governance.

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