The State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) are at the heart of planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance across all travel modes in urban and rural areas. They allocate resources from various Federal-aid programs; integrate social and environmental justice into their activities; coordinate development of comprehensive transportation policy for the state; develop and support appropriate procedures, goals, and performance measures; provide financial and technical assistance to public transit systems across the state; administer public safety programs; etc.

The size, structure and roles of DOTs vary dramatically. State support for public transportation takes many forms and utilizes a wide variety of funding and financing sources and mechanisms. Public transportation competes with other priorities but the funds provided to it are significant. For example, the Public Transportation Account in California is estimated at USD1.98 billion in FY2018-19. Many states launch policies to encourage ridership through land-use (e.g., transit-oriented development), transit commuter benefits as well as car-sharing and bike-sharing near transit.

In recent years, the delivery of safe, reliable, effective and efficient transportation services has become challenging because of aging transportation system, changing mobility needs and demographics, paucity of funds, impact of new technology and inadequate institutional capacity. Each DOT meets these challenges differently. The report State DOT Profiles and Plans for Transit released in July 2019 provides a comprehensive review and analysis of state and local area DOTs to gain insights into existing issues, plans, investments, projects and future opportunities. It comprises detailed profiles of 49 DOTs, including 43 state DOTs and 6 local DOTs, namely, District of Columbia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte and New York City.

The organisations that will benefit from this report include transit/transport authorities, transit operators, city governments, contractors, developers, service and technology providers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, investors/lenders, research organisations, industry consultants, regulatory agencies, development institutions, etc.

The report is available in MS PowerPoint (PPT) format (converted to PDF).

It is priced at USD2,400. As a special offer for Public Transport Authorities/Agencies, it is priced at USD2,000.

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The report is priced at USD 2,400.
For Public Transport Authorities/Agencies, the report is priced at USD 2,000.

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