Global Mass Transit organised a virtual conference on Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in Canada in April 2022. The keynote panel on ‘Transit Agencies and Operators Perspective’ included:

– Daniela Aubry, Deputy Chief of Payments, Metrolinx

-Mark Langmead, Director Compass Operations, TransLink

– Cory Shrigley, Customer Support & Engagement Manager, Saskatoon Transit

– Moderator: Deborah Wathen Finn, Partner, The Wathen Group

Topics discussed:

  • Impact of Covid-19 on ridership, fare revenue and changes in ticketing systems
  • Transition from traditional to advanced fare systems, experience so far
  • Best practices and lessons learned in procurement, financing and deployment
  • Prioritising equity, accessibility and inclusion
  • Future plans for ticketing and MaaS, opportunities, challenges