This document summarizes a supporting strategy for the Region’s 2018 TMP and should be read in accordance with the plan’s Transportation Network Assessment Report. It discusses the topic of New Mobility, highlighting the risks and opportunities that these services and technologies pose for the Region and identifies a vision for how they can be leveraged to develop an integrated and sustainable transportation syswebintem. 

This paper is not intended to identify specific infrastructure improvements to expedite or facilitate the operation of New Mobility services within the Region, but rather, to identify how the Region can play a strategic role in the deployment of this technology to best achieve Moving Forward’s goals and a more sustainable future. 

The paper includes the following elements:  

  • An introduction to New Mobility services and CAV technology;  
  • An overview of the various applications of New Mobility and CAVs, including the levels of automation for CAVs;  
  • A discussion of when New Mobility and CAVs are coming and in what forms;  
  • An overview of how the various applications of New Mobility and CAVs could impact Moving Forward’s goals; 
  • A vision for how CAVs will be used in 2041 as part of an integrated and sustainable transportation system; 
  • A review of what the Region can do to prepare, including a look at current initiatives, the Region’s role, and a list of actions to help realize the vision and goals.


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