The general objective of the study is to provide the Commission with the status of current urban mobility situation and indicate gaps in those areas and related needs of cities when it comes to achieving safe, accessible (incl. affordable), smart and lowand zero-emission urban mobility. More specifically, the study will: Analyse urban mobility situation in a big sample of EU cities of different sizes and types, from all Member States, especially when it comes to Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs), urban logistics and data collection and indicators; Understand the level of support of Member States on urban mobility topics; Identify the main challenges, gaps and needs when it comes to the analysed urban mobility situation at city level and the level of support of Member States; Provide an indication how the analysed situation compares with the EU-level objectives, in particular referred to in the White Paper 2011, the Green Deal and the Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy, regarding achieving lowand zero-emission, accessible (incl. affordable), smart and safe urban mobility. Draw meaningful conclusions that can be deemed representative for the whole EU.

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