The 2022 Climate and Energy Benchmark on the Transport Sector shows an industry with an illusion of
progress: companies report many targets and commitments to net zero, without the necessary
details, financial clarity and collaborative action needed to turn low-carbon transition commitments
into action. Transport companies’ activities are all about connecting people and goods geographically.
They need to show leadership in connecting and collaborating with other sectors and stakeholders to
enable the low-carbon transition and alignment with the 1.5°C goal. It is not impossible for companies
to get a sound rating on the ACT assessment: evidence from the Transport methodology roadtest
shows that the best score achieved in that pilot assessment, using public and private data, was 12A+.

The findings also show that overall, only a minority of the assessed companies are engaged with a just
transition, if undertaking a low-carbon transition at all. As with the low-carbon assessment, companies
demonstrate some commitment but little action in relation to the social impacts of the transition. A
just transition requires urgent attention from companies and policymakers. A concerted effort is
needed to bring people along in the transformation. Lack of action by companies could arguably risk
the success of the low-carbon transition and could lead to increased inequality, mass unemployment
and civil unrest.

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