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Open-payment Systems in Transit: Innovations in Asia Pacific

Bank cards (either physical or through mobile applications) have been used to pay for transit in several cities in Australia, South Korea, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia. Several other cities in India, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Taiwan have plans to deploy open-payment systems in transit.

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STS to deploy smart cards on buses

Schuylkill Transportation System (STS) has announced plans to implement a project that includes deployment of reloadable smart cards or a monthly pass on fixed-route buses, upgrading the tracking system of the buses, implementing a smart phone application (MyStop) and equipping buses with the card readers prior to use.

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c2c expands smart card options for season ticket holders

UK-based train operating company c2c has launched season tickets and Travelcards for National Rail and Transport for London (TfL) on its c2c smart card, a trial product under the South East Flexible Ticketing programme to introduce smart ticketing across 12 companies operating trains into London.

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