Global Mass Transit has released the second edition of the Europe Urban Bus Market Outlook Report in September 2019, which provides a comprehensive overview of the existing urban bus market (including Euro standard buses, CNG buses, electric buses, hydrogen-fuelled buses, biogas/bio-methane buses, hybrid buses, etc.) and outlines investment plans of cities to deploy buses.

The report comprises two distinct sections.

Part 1 of the report describes the existing state of, and the expected opportunities in, the European bus industry in terms of current market size, market outlook, operators, ridership, bus rolling stock (by type, by age, etc.), financing, key players, plans to renew and expand bus fleet, etc. It examines recent developments, key trends, growth drivers and challenges, and will provide the future outlook for the industry.

Part 2 of the report provides updated information on the bus network, fleet and plans of 75 cities in Europe.

Each city profile provides information on:

  • City background
  • Key players
  • Key policies and plans
  • Network
  • Ridership
  • Existing and planned bus rolling stock (by type, by age)
  • Capital projects
  • Investments planned
  • Upcoming tenders
  • Key contracts awarded
  • Recent developments
  • Contact personnel

The report is available in the MS PowerPoint format (converted to PDF).

The report will be useful to organisations interested in the European bus industry – public transport authorities/agencies and operators, government transport departments, city governments, policymaking and regulatory bodies, bus OEMs and technology providers, infrastructure OEMs, charging solution suppliers and battery manufacturers, energy providers, multilateral aid agencies, banks and financial institutions, academic institutions, research and development organisations, consultants, etc.

It is priced at EUR3,000. As special offer for Public Transport Authorities/Agencies the report is priced at EUR2,500.

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The report is priced at USD 3,000.
For Public Transport Authorities/Agencies, the report is priced at USD 2,500.

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