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Global Railway Tunnelling Report 2017

Large-scale railway (urban rail and inter-city) projects across the world have created significant opportunities in the tunnelling segment. The railway industry uses tunnels for light rail, metro rail, intercity rail, commuter rail and high speed rail projects. Tunnelling work includes constructing a tunnel and supporting systems such as ventilation system.

As public transport authorities seek to best utilise their limited budgets, better understanding is needed for the design, construction, use, inspection/maintenance and de-commissioning of the existing/aging and planned/new tunnels. 

Excavation associated with tunnelling includes vertical and inclined shafts providing access to tunnels, portals where tunnels emerge at the surface or at a shaft, underground chambers and caverns. Modern tunnelling methods produce relatively low impacts of noise and vibration because of superior construction and better technologies for tracks and rolling stock. 

The Global Railway Tunnelling Report 2017 is a comprehensive report for providing information on tunnelling for the railway sector. It will provide a description of construction methodology; review existing deployments in the railway sector by region, construction method and railway mode; analyse a wide variety of tunnelling projects; indicate status of current projects and upcoming procurement opportunities; estimate market size and growth opportunities for construction material, equipment and technology suppliers; as well as present profiles of key players. 

The report is scheduled to be released on May 31, 2017. It will be available in MS PowerPoint Presentation format.

The report will have 11 chapters.

Chapter 1 will provide an overview of the report. It will describe the size and growth of the segment, regional distribution of tunnels, recent developments, key trends, growth drivers, issues, risks and challenges as well as outlook, opportunities and projections.

Chapter 2 will provide an analysis of tunnelling projects by regions (North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East and Africa).

Chapter 3 will provide an analysis of tunnelling projects by mode (metrorail projects, commuter rail, inter-city and freight rail, and high-speed rail).

Chapter 4 will present the project pipeline with an analysis of the pipeline by region, by stage of development, and by expected completion period.

Chapter 5 will describe the key tunnelling methods/techniques, trends in deployments as well as issues and challenges. It will also provide an analysis of projects (completed, ongoing and planned) by the type of tunnelling method adopted.

Chapter 6 will provide the market size and structure of the equipment and technology industry, profiles of key suppliers, innovations in technology, key trends and developments, segment outlook and opportunities as well as issues and challenges.

Chapter 7 will describe the type of construction material used in different geological conditions, estimate the size and growth rates of the construction material market, segment outlook and projections as well as issues and challenges.

Chapter 8 will provide profiles of key contractors, recent construction contracts awarded, status of ongoing projects, opportunities for contractors as well as issues and challenges in procurement.

Chapters 9, 10 and 11 will provide project profiles of completed, ongoing and upcoming projects, respectively.

The appendix of the report will provide a directory of key players in the sector; research methodology; and list of the tables and figures presented in the report.

The report will be useful to organisations interested in the tunnelling segment of the transport industry – government agencies, transport authorities, technology providers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, EPC contractors, investors/lenders/financial institutions, research organisations, industry consultants, regulatory agencies, development institutions, etc.

It is priced at USD 4,000. As special offer for Public Transport Authorities/Agencies the report is priced at USD 3,500.

There are special ‘Early Bird’ discounts. The price of the report will be USD 3,000 before April 3, 2017 and USD 3,500 before May 1, 2017. For Public Transport Authorities/Agencies,the price of the report will be USD 2,625 before April 3, 2017 and USD 3,062 before May 1, 2017.

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